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"Siobhan has treated our two 12year old arthritic labs Stan and Maddy. She is always kind and considerate of their needs and very knowledgeable about what is ailing them at the time. I find it amazing that she can pinpoint an exact spot to treat and I can visibly see the dogs get more relaxed and comfortable immediately. They seem relieved to see Siobhan when she arrives and are totally chilled when she leaves. The girls at our weekly hydrotherapy can tell when she’s visited!
I’m also grateful to her for indulging our needy 4 year old who always butts in and demands a massage
I will be recommending Siobhan to anyone in need of a Veterinary Physiotherapist"

Karen Munns

'I highly recommend Siobhan to anyone trying to find a skilled, professional and caring physiotherapist for their dog or horse. Siobhan has been treating our golden retriever since November 2020 and we are amazed at how more mobile and in general good shape he is with his hip dysplasia since being Siobhan’s patient. She’s so caring and always goes at his pace, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you Siobhan'

Natalie and James Prince

"Siobhan came and managed to book my boy in at such short notice after he decided to break out of retirement and jump and 5 bar gate to spend a night charging around with the mares. She made my boy feel super comfy again and get him feeling right as rain! Living in another country it’s great to have people around in the UK who you can trust with your animals! 5* care!"

Sophie Wells

'Siobhan came out to my mare after a slip on a hack. She was helpful, reliable, patient, extremely thorough, crammed me in at last minute notice and took all the time needed. Highly recommend!'

Mollie Slatcher

'Can’t recommend Siobhan enough, her kind and patient nature with animals doesn’t go unnoticed. She explains everything she is doing during the treatment and my horse always feel a million dollars afterwards!'

Emma Bishop

"Siobhan came out and treated my 19yr horse who has recently had surgery so hasn’t been in work since March and dropped so much muscle. She was so calm and knew straight away what areas were weaker and what to work on. My anxious horse felt at ease straight away and relaxed. Will definitely carry on with regular treatments and will recommend to anyone"

Jade Manning

"A calm empathetic approach to her job very impressed a totally professional service. Thank you"

Sue Smith

"Thank you so much for session! She’s a different dog with a new lease of life!"

Jess & Matt

'Really kind and patient with my youngster, he had never experienced physio before and by the evening he was so relaxed and sleepy! Looking forward to having you back in a couple of months!' 

Tierney Hunt 

“Our Hungarian vizsla suffered a cruciate ligament rupture and Siobhan brought her back to full health very quickly. She paid us home visits and she was always punctual. I was most impressed with her professionalism: our shy dog accepted her quickly, oftentimes falling asleep during treatment. We received detailed notes after each session promptly. She clearly cares about the animals she treats, and she has a lovely personality. Thank you, Siobhan for your wonderful service”.

Esther Marton

Siobhan has been looking after Leo for the last 18 months she took great care with him and provided the comfort and help he needed. Unfortunately our time has come to an end as Leo is no longer with us. We will miss your visits and cannot recommend you enough. Thank you for everything you have done.

Katie Taylor

Siobhan came out for a visit for my boy Finn today. Lovely feedback at the end of the session. He had a well deserved treatment and absolutely loved every second of it!! I couldn’t recommend Siobhan enough, she is absolutely amazing!

Emily Goodfellow

"Highly recommend Siobhan she has helped my boy who is highly sensitive and a little wary with a lot of things in life. We had a rotational fall a few months ago and after a couple of sessions he is feeling much better and now really relaxing into his sessions. We are so lucky to have someone who is understanding & sympathetic of his “special ways” Highly recommend to everyone"


’We had Siobhan for our very nervous and anxious dog Leo after he’d had TLPO surgery. She was utterly amazing and formed a real bond with Leo. She was gentle and let Leo have a good sniff and get used to her before she started treatment. We had four sessions and it helped Leo so much with his recovery. I would recommend Siobhan 100%. In fact Leo will have to have his other leg done at some point and will definitely be using Siobhan again.

Sarah and Cara

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